Our mission is clear; We will create a fellowship that fosters individual growth in our Savior through a simple, but deliberate, Bible-based discipleship experience. Our partners in the work of the Lord will be constantly reminded that we are to “be the church.” Each Christian has a task before them to teach, preach, and live the Word each day, everywhere they go. Our individual and corporate responsibility is to live incarnational lives and join God’s mission of redeeming those with whom we come in contact with, sometimes through intentional efforts. While the Great Commission commands the whole world, the genesis is our own backyard.

Initially, our mission field is both the easiest and most difficult in which to serve.

- The easy part is access. Acts 1:8 gives us a clear directive to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria...” One Church’s Jerusalem is Marshall, Texas. Our intentional emphasis on Marshall as our first and strongest step onto the mission field, will allow us to more effectively disciple those we reach. We suspect that among such a group of believers there will be a sensitivity to overseas missions, but we want to be certain that our desire to serve those who are far away is an outgrowth of sound discipleship and living out the life of a follower of Christ on our home field.

- The difficult part is the 24/7 nature of our mission. We will, as believers, be tried and tested every day in our commitment to live missionally in Marshall. Jesus said, Come to me, but when He spoke those words, He was already where they were.