About iheartmarshall

Once every two months One Church steps out into the streets to serve the community of Marshall, Texas through service projects in a one day event we call iheartmarshall.

iheartmarshall was founded by Pastor James Cotten as a result of a desire to see the church minister outside the walls of the church and truly live as a New Testament church.  

The mission of iheartmarshall is to work together with individuals and the community for the renewal and restoration of Marshall through meeting needs by spreading the gospel, building relationships and service.

We hope to see this accomplished by exposing individuals and the community to issues of poverty, injustice, and local needs; create volunteer projects for individuals and the community to experience what it is like to serve these different issues and populations; and help facilitate relationships between faith communities and local non-profit partners that will allow deeper and continual engagement in these areas of need.

We plan on doing this in several practical ways.

* Partnering individuals, faith communities and local non-profits together to serve Marshall.

* Building awareness on the real needs of our city.

* Planting small communities of faith which rally around the call to simply love their neighbor and serve Marshall through the gospel context.

* Creating service events to help expose people to a life outside of themselves.

* Hosting regular trainings with and for local non-profits to better equip those who want to better serve their community.

* Hosting an annual city-wide event bringing in groups from outside of Marshall to come and serve in our communities; spreading the gospel, repairing homes, and hosting Sports Camps.