CommUnity is a small group that seeks to do life together. We abide by these following principles:

  1. Share your true feelings (authenticity)
  2. Encourage each other (mutuality)
  3. Forgive each other (mercy)
  4. Speak truth in love (honesty)
  5. Admit our weaknesses (humility)
  6. Respect our differences (courtesy)
  7. Not gossip (confidentiality)
  8. Make the group a priority (frequency)

Our foundational reason for why we have Small Groups at One Church is to proclaim the good news of what Jesus has accomplished on the cross.

We live in a broken world that longs for authentic community.  People aren’t interested in church growth. They are desperate for hope. They can find belonging in a bar or club, but they need a group transformed by the love of Jesus. We have exactly what they need when we root our groups in what Jesus has accomplished.

CommUnity Groups meet on meet at least twice a month. For more information, contact: